Sixth Half-Jewish Network Blog/Email Newsletter – Additional Information

Dear Friends:

Our original post was missing some information, which we would like to make sure that you receive.

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We add new resources to each page as they become available. If you know of any resources that we have not listed, please contact us. The most recent additions are some Jewish resources, see below:

6.  Zinn House

Lauren Zinn, Ph.D., Rev., leads a Jewish-Interfaith Community, Jewish Roots with Interfaith Shoots.  Her programs for Kids, Adults, and Families, since 2001, include classes, celebrations, ceremonies, and coaching.  Hebrew tutoring, for adults or children seeking Interfaith Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, is available through Skype.

If interested in learning more, please see the website. Lauren can be contacted at laurenzinn[at]

7. is an online Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Jewish learning program which embraces all Jews from all backgrounds in meaningful Jewish learning. MyBarMitzvahTutors offers learning programs for all Jews regardless of age, location, or affiliation.With online learning, MyBarMitzvahTutors brings Jewish learning into the comfort of your home and works around your schedule.Please visit our website for more information or email Danielle Eskow, the co-founder of MyBarMitzvahTutors at Let us help you bring Jewish learning into your heart, life, and home.

8. World of Judaica

World of Judaica is an Israel based company offering a large selection of high quality and crafted traditional and modern Judaica items.  World of Judaica combines retail items and education to provide the most complete Judaica experience to every customer.   World of Judaica is proud to offer an extensive Learning Center where you can learn about the basics of Judaism, from beliefs to Shabbat, Holidays and Biblical Figures as well as how the Jewish calendar works.



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2 responses to “Sixth Half-Jewish Network Blog/Email Newsletter – Additional Information

  1. What aliyah chance is there for an impoverished Social Security Disability recipient, please? Mother Jewish @ birth; her parents Jewish, et cetera.

  2. Dear hopiakuta DonFphrnqTaub Persina:

    Welcome to the Half-Jewish Network! Regarding aliyah, please have a look at our essay, “Israel,” which discusses this question in great detail.

    The link to that page is labeled “Israel,” among the other links at the top of this web page. Just click on “israel” among the other links.

    You can also reach that web page by copying and pasting this link into the navigation bar of your browser:


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