Additional Information – Seventh HJN Blog/Email Newsletter

November 20, 2013

Dear Friends:

Here is some additional information not appearing in the Seventh Half-Jewish Network Blog/Email Newsletter:

1.  Humorous Half-Jewish Novella:

The Jewolic: Conundrums of a Half-Jew – a humorous romp through religious ambivalence
Description: Polish/Jewish mom; Italian/Catholic dad. I was a religious mutt — a matzo brie pizza; a blintz marinara; a bagel and lox trapped inside a spaghetti and meatballs body. I needed an identity.

I could have become:

a)         A Jew, invoking the very popular, and all-inclusive, ‘if your mother is a Jew’ rule;

b)         A Catholic, ignoring the above-mentioned rule; or,

c)         A half Jew/half Cath, Jewolic, straddling both religions, favoring the one that was most advantageous at the time. That was my conundrum. This is my story.

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Robin Margolis



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2 responses to “Additional Information – Seventh HJN Blog/Email Newsletter

  1. Katherine Rawlings

    Sometimes you feel like a lonely little petunia in an onion patch. No matter where you stand you ask yourself ‘What am I?’ Nevertheless I feel my Jewish side is culturally more life enriching.

  2. Dear Katherine:

    Welcome to the Half-Jewish Network! I believe that nearly all of us ask ourselves, “What am I?” at some point in our lives. One side or the other of our heritages is sometimes more appealing.

    If you are interested in finding a Jewish cultural group, you may find the following organizations of interest:

    The Society for Humanistic Judaism

    The Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations

    I have also sent you a private email with more information about the Half-Jewish Network that does not appear on our website.


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