Half-Jewish Groups

If you hear of other half-Jewish groups and groups that welcome half-Jewish people, please send us the information. We welcome information about spiritual and secular groups from many different types of faith-based cultures and secular cultures.

1. Half-Jewish Network — that would be us! You’re on our website right now. Enjoy our information-rich website!

2.  Beta-Gershom — A very interesting half-Jewish website for adult children and other descendants of intermarriage. Not connected with the Half-Jewish Network, but a well-regarded “friend and ally” of ours for adult children and other descendants of intermarriage.

Beta-Gershom’s Welcoming Statement:  “Half-jewish.org is a resource to enable all people (Jews and non-Jews) who are descendants of Jewish Intermarriage to celebrate and uphold their Jewishness. Part of our mission is: “That no one who is seed of Jacob shall be without his or her Torah.”


3. The Holy Half-Breed — Website Mission Statement:

“No matter what you do, know this: Someone will insist your way is wrong. Expect your legitimacy to be questioned.  If you choose to identify as a Jew – and/or want to live a Jewish life – only you can decide what that means. There is no Jewish Certification Fairy. Find a denomination that fits your beliefs. Try to meet people who support your choices.”


4. Double: Half — This group is an independent  organization for half-Jewish people living in Germany and other German-speaking European countries. It is a well-regarded “friend and ally” of ours.

Double: Half’s Welcoming Statement:

“Our association is meant to provide a safe space for engaging productively with ones origin(s). Its purpose is to create a space where it is not demanded to decide for one of the two (or more) “sides“; rather, we want to accept ambivalent feelings (of belonging) and to give an opportunity to share them and talk about them.

Through information, contacts and exchange we want to alleviate the isolation, the experience of exclusion and non-belonging that are often felt by people of partly Jewish descent. At the same time – as the name doppel:halb (double:half) is meant to signify – we want to adress the fruitful aspect of the “two sides“ and the chances and valuable perspectives that our special heritage holds.”

Their website (in German and English) is:


5. Jews In ALL Hues — Jews in ALL Hues is a grassroots organization whose purpose is to create diverse, welcoming communities for dual (or multiple) heritage Jews through dynamic workshops and events; creating inclusive educational, social and professional initiatives approaching many topics that face the Jewish community today.

Note by Half-Jewish Network:  In recent years “Jews in ALL Hues” has expanded their mission to encompass Jews of color who are not children of intermarriage but descendants of long-existing Jewish people of color communities. They also welcome converts to Judaism from people of color families.