Jewish Resources

1. Rabbi Arthur Segal

Rabbi Dr. Arthur Segal brings Judaism back to its roots for the millions of modern Jews who have become disenchanted with “normative” Judaism. In “The Handbook to Jewish Spiritual Renewal: A Path of Transformation for the Modern Jew,” Segal advocates for a happy, fulfilling Jewish life. He casts aside the long, boring sermons and tedious litany of rules and regulations in favor of plain English, humor, and life examples that everyone can relate to.

Rabbi Segal has co-authored a book with Sara Davies, a matrilineal Jew, on ways to develop one’s character, taken from traditional Jewish sources. It is listed here:

2. Rabbi Allen Maller

Rabbi Maller welcomes both Jews and non-Jews to his website.  He urges visitors to explore the various articles on his website and to feel free to ask questions. He believes that many people find blessings through becoming a part of God’s covenant with the Jewish people and that others find they are coming home. Whether you are attracted to Judaism by your contact with a Jew or by your study of Judaism, he welcomes you.

3. Humanistic Judaism – NYC

The City Congregation for Humanistic Judaism provides a welcoming, diverse community for cultural and secular Jews where we can celebrate and preserve our Jewish identity. As Humanistic Jews they rely on reason, inner strength, and the support of community to face life’s challenges and collectively improve the world.

4., Inc. is the online resource for interfaith families exploring Jewish life and the grass-roots advocate for a welcoming Jewish community. This resource is for everyone touched by interfaith relationships where one partner is Jewish, on every topic of interest to them, and for everyone who works with and cares about them.

5. Jewish Gateways

Jewish Gateways welcomes wandering or wondering Jews and non-Jews, singles, couples, and families, those in interfaith and multiracial relationships, Jews-by-Choice, adult children of interfaith families, members of the LGBT community, and people of color.  They are ready to help you explore Jewish choices and discover those that work for you.

6.  Zinn House

Lauren Zinn, Ph.D., Rev., leads a Jewish-Interfaith Community, Jewish Roots with Interfaith Shoots.  Her programs for Kids, Adults, and Families, since 2001, include classes, celebrations, ceremonies, and coaching.  Hebrew tutoring, for adults or children seeking Interfaith Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, is available through Skype.

If interested in learning more, please see the website. Lauren can be contacted at laurenzinn[at]

7. is an online Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Jewish learning program which embraces all Jews from all backgrounds in meaningful Jewish learning. MyBarMitzvahTutors offers learning programs for all Jews regardless of age, location, or affiliation.With online learning, MyBarMitzvahTutors brings Jewish learning into the comfort of your home and works around your schedule.Please visit our website for more information and contact Danielle Eskow, the co-founder of MyBarMitzvahTutors. Let us help you bring Jewish learning into your heart, life, and home.

8. World of Judaica

World of Judaica is an Israel based company offering a large selection of high quality and crafted traditional and modern Judaica items.  World of Judaica combines retail items and education to provide the most complete Judaica experience to every customer.   World of Judaica is proud to offer an extensive Learning Center where you can learn about the basics of Judaism, from beliefs to Shabbat, Holidays and Biblical Figures as well as how the Jewish calendar works.

9.  Jewish Gift Place

Jewish Gift Place sells unique handmade Judaica by artists from the United States and Israel such as Gary Rosenthal, Michal Golan, Neta Wolpe, and Michael Bromberg.  We feature interviews with the artists, as well as over two dozen articles about Jewish holidays and Jewish symbolism such as the Star of David, the pomegranate, hamsa, and evil eye.

10. “The Promise Haggadah Personalized Haggadah”

As a forever family keepsake, the Promise Haggadah Personalized Haggadah serves as the perfect guide for your complete and concise family Seder (45 minutes). While enjoying its beautiful illustrations, people of all ages and religious backgrounds can easily read and understand Passover traditions. Passover interpretations are direct and all Hebrew is transliterated. Your family Passover Seder will forever be enhanced with the Promise Haggadah, and first or family names are printed directly on the front cover of each Haggadah.

11. Hebrews Prayers Learning Series

Ephraim Linker welcomes both Jews and non-Jews to his Hebrew Prayers Learning Series (HPLS) website. He offers a library of Phonetic-Transliterated prayer books that allow anyone to read Hebrew prayers at first glance, and to immediately share in the power and beauty of the Hebrew tradition.

HPLS prayer books are written in a three-tier format – Translation, Hebrew word, and Phonetic Transliteration – one directly above the other, line for line. This unique format enables you to correctly pronounce the Hebrew without having to previously know how it should sound, and the literal translation enables you to know the true meaning of what you are saying.

HPLS offers siddurim (Hebrew prayer books) for Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform, Egalitarian and non-egalitarian, as well as holiday haggadot and a beginners’ prayer book for children.

Free samples of the HPLS format can be found at Mr. Linker can be reached at and he thanks you for your kind interest and for sharing his passion for the Hebrew Prayer Service.

12. Celebrants of Brit Shalom

Brit Shalom is a non-cutting naming ceremony which replaces Brit Milah (ritual circumcision) for newborn Jewish boys. It is not intended for boys who have previously been circumcised in a hospital.

It can be similar to the naming ceremony traditionally used for baby girls, sometimes called Brit Bat or Brit Rechitzah (covenant with foot-washing).

It has also been termed Brit Ben, Alternative Brit (or Bris), Brit B’li Milah (covenant without cutting), Brit HaLev (covenant of the heart) and Brit Chayim (covenant of life). It may be performed by a Rabbi  or other experienced lay leader.

To learn more about Brit Shalom, please see:

Not all the celebrants listed are opposed to Brit Milah. However, they are all committed to providing service to families unwilling to circumcise their sons, by officiating at Brit Shalom ceremonies.

If desired, celebrants can aid parents in devising their own ceremony. This list is continually being updated, and currently there are 159 celebrants listed, of whom 97 are rabbis.

The Celebrants of Brit Shalom site can be accessed at:

This information was posted by Mark D. Reiss, M.D., Founder and Administrator of Celebrants of Brit Shalom.

13. Multiracial and Biracial Resources — for multiracial and biracial half-Jewish resouces, please go to our “Multiracial/Biracial” web page.