Half-Jewish Films

1. The Longing is the winner of the 2009 Telly Award for Religion & Spirituality, Best Documentary at the Long Island Latino Film Festival, and Best Latino Film at the Santa Fe Film Festival. The film trailer can be viewed at:

Set in Ecuador, The Longing tells the story of a small group of South Americans yearning to affirm their faith after their ancestors— European Jews— were forced to convert to Catholicism during the era of the Spanish inquisition. They battle to reclaim their heritage regardless of the consequences. For more information, please contact:


2. A wonderful continuing gay male character named Breyer lives in the comic strip, “Kyle’s Bed & Breakfast” by Greg Fox.

Breyer’s Irish Catholic father and Jewish mother split up when Breyer was a child, and he had little contact with his mother after that. Breyer was sent to 12 years of Catholic schools, and identified as Catholic.

Breyer is the lover of Kyle, the owner of a bed and breakfast on Long Island, New York, which has a clientele of gay men ranging from athletes to car mechanics. The strip has discussed Breyer’s newly-found interest in Judaism. A Jewish friend invited him to a seder, despite Breyer’s protests that he identified as Catholic, and Breyer has been reading “Judaism for Dummies.”


3. “A Green Chariot” describes the difficulties encountered in Israel by the patrilineal grandchild of an intermarriage, a Russian who identifies as an Orthodox Jew, who discovers as a young man that his maternal grandmother was not Jewish and his family hid this from him.

He learns that under Israeli secular and religious law he is no longer a Jew, and he loses his Israeli Orthodox Jewish fiancee.

As a “non-Jew” or “non-halachic Jew of mixed descent he will lose several basic civil rights because of this status, including the right to be buried in Jewish cemeteries, or marry, within Israel, other Israeli Jews with two Jewish parents.

The trailer is in Hebrew with English subtitles, so anyone who does not read or speak Hebrew, but can speak English will be able to follow what is going on:


The film is fiction but based on literally thousands of stories of half-Jewish people in Israel.