Muslim, Others Resources

Jewish-Muslim intermarriages have begun increasing in number. There are thousands of these marriages in Israel. At the present time, we are searching for resources for half-Jewish, half-Muslim people, and welcome any suggestions.

1. Jewish-Muslim Essays, a Jewishly-oriented interfaith family website, maintains a list of essays by members of Jewish-Muslim interfaith families. This list contains links to personal essays by some adult children of Jewish-Muslim intermarriages:

2. A children’s book for Muslim/Christian families (Picture book)

In response to the lack of resources for interracial, interfaith families, an illustrated book was created to appeal to children 7-10 years old. The main character, Peter Abdul Khan, is half South Asian, half Caucasian. His family celebrates religious holidays of both Islam and Christianity. The main character talks about the advantages and disadvantages of living in an interfaith household. Specifically, he has to overcome being teased at school. The book emphasizes the importance of tolerance and positive identity development amongst multiracial, multifaith children and their peers. It includes definitions and internet resources for readers.

3. Sharia (Muslim Religious Law) on Intermarriage and Identity:

4. Multiracial and Biracial Resources — for multiracial and biracial half-Jewish resouces, please go to our “Multiracial/Biracial” web page.

5.  Article by adult child of Jewish-Palestinian intermarriage:

6. Article by adult child of Muslim-Jewish intermarriage about erroneous arrest by FBI: